Hancock County Marsh Living Shoreline Project


The Hancock County Marsh Living Shoreline project will provide for construction of up to 5.9 miles of living shoreline. In addition, approximately 46 acres of marsh will be constructed to protect and enhance the existing shoreline, and 46 acres of subtidal oyster reef will be created in Heron Bay to increase secondary productivity in the area. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is partnering with the State of Mississippi on this project. The estimated cost is $50 million.

Located between Bayou Caddy and the mouth of the East Pearl River, the project area falls within the 20,909-acre Hancock County Marsh Preserve. This complex, one of the largest in Mississippi, is part of the Pearl River estuary in the western Mississippi Sound and managed as part of the Mississippi Coastal Preserves Program.

Read more at http://www.restore.ms/review-projects/upcoming-projects/hancock-county-marsh-living-shoreline-project/

Popp’s Ferry Causeway Park Project


The Popp’s Ferry Causeway Park Project will improve City of Biloxi property within Back Bay, Mississippi, by expanding a park environment where visitors may experience the coastal estuarine ecosystem. The intent is to restore lost recreational use. The estimated cost for this project is $4.7 million.

The mostly unimproved 10-acre Popp’s Ferry Causeway property is a parcel of land and marsh located just west of the Popp’s Ferry Bridge. It is surrounded by water on all sides, including the Biloxi River to the north, Big Lake to the west and the Back Bay to the south and east.

Read more at http://www.restore.ms/popps-ferry-causeway-park-project/.

Pascagoula Beachfront Promenade Project


The Pascagoula Beachfront Promenade project will provide for a lighted concrete pathway adjacent to a sand beach in Pascagoula, Mississippi. The intent is to restore lost recreational use. The estimated cost for this project is $3.8 million.

The project area is located immediately south of and parallel to Beach Boulevard on the Mississippi Sound. The 10-foot wide pathway project would fund approximately 8,200 feet of a two-mile promenade from Point Park on the western end to the eastern edge of the drainage channel east of Oliver Street. The sand beach there was oiled during the spill.

Read more at http://www.restore.ms/pascagoula-beachfront-promenade-project/.

Restoration Initiatives at the INFINITY Science Center Project


The Restoration Initiatives at the INFINITY Science Center project will provide visitors with interactive science, education, interpretive, and research opportunities for exploring the Gulf ecosystem. The goal is to increase access to coastal natural resources.

Ihe INFINITY Science Center is located southwest of the Interstate 10 and Highway 607 interchange in southern Hancock County, Mississippi. It is adjacent to coastal estuarine habitats including the Hancock County Marsh Preserve. The project site is bordered by the Pearl River to the west and will connect to the “Logtown Scenic Byway to Space” trail to the south.

Read more at http://www.restore.ms/proposed-phase-iii-projects/infinity-science-center-project/.

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