About the Principal Investigator

B.S.B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Associate Extension Research Professor of Economics -Faculty Page at Coastal Research and Extension Center 
The best way to contact me is via E-mail at ben.posadas@msstate.edu
Marine Economist - Faculty Page at Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium 
Graduate Faculty Faculty Page at the Department of Agricultural Economics
Marine Economist - Faculty Page at Mississippi State University Extension Service  

My Professional Pathway https://www.msstate.edu/our-people/2019/12/ben-posadas 

Since 1990, Dr. Benedict C. Posadas has consistently developed and maintained the Mississippi State University, Coastal Research and Extension Center’s Horticulture and Marine Economics (HME) Program with an emphasis on the following major areas. 

  1. Economics of natural and technological disasters (since 2005 after Hurricane Katrina) 
  2. Seafood marketing (since 2010 after Deepwater Horizon oil spill) 

The choice of the HME focus areas was motivated by the information needs of the coastal communities and residents, marine, horticultural and coastal-related industries, business establishments and organizations, and state and federal regulatory agencies. The specific mandates of the state and federal funding initiatives dictated some of the directions of HMR programming efforts.

During the past three decades, the MSU-CREC's HME Program was made possible by additional extramural funding from state and federal agencies totaling more than five million dollars. Several requests from regional, national and international agencies and media organizations to participate in committees, workshops, conferences, collaborative efforts, and press releases demonstrate the usefulness and recognition of the economics programs conducted by Dr. Posadas. 

The timely conduct of applied economic research on horticultural, marine, and coastal-related issues was the key to the successful HME outreach program. Results were presented at producer meetings, scientific conferences, and industry workshops. The internet and social media networks played a vital complementary function in extension programming in horticulture and marine-related issues, especially during the global Covid-19 pandemic. In response to recent natural and man-made disasters and global pandemic, Dr. Posadas posted several YouTube videos which show the results of his assessments of their economic impacts on the marine and seafood industries in the state, region, and beyond. 

  1. Dr. Posadas' Horticulture and Marine Economics Program is best described at https://www.msstate.edu/our-people/2019/12/ben-posadas.
  2. A summary of Dr. Posadas' 2020 Horticulture and Marine Economics projects is presented at https://youtu.be/rALOUjAB-TY. 
  3. Dr. Posadas' Horticulture and Marine Economics online video presentations are available at https://www.youtube.com/user/bposadas
  4. The Mississippi Marketmaker Online Newsletters since 2011 are posted at http://extension.msstate.edu/newsletters/mississippi-marketmaker. 
  5. Dr. Posadas' Horticulture and Marine Economics Outreach Program is summarized at http://coastal.msstate.edu/outreach-goals