Mississippi MarketMaker

What is MarketMaker?

  1. MarketMaker is an internet tool linking growers and producers with grocery stores, food processors, specialty outlets and food industry groups.
  2. The program also makes agricultural, seafood and outdoor tourism businesses accessible to individual consumers.
  3. Promote your food business by creating a business profile and updating it regularly as additional information about your business becomes available.
  4. This marketing service is provided to your business by MSU-Extension Service for FREE.

Who are the members of the Mississippi MarketMaker Team at MSU-Coastal Research and Extension Center?

  1. Dr. Benedict Posadas 
  2. Amanda E. Jefferson 

Where can you register your food, seafood and tourism business in MarketMaker?

  1. Register your food and seafood business at the Mississippi MarketMaker --http://ms.foodmarketmaker.com

How do you learn more about Mississippi MaketMaker?

  1. You can follow Mississippi MarketMaker at Facebook --https://www.facebook.com/MSMarketMaker 
  2. You can also follow Mississippi MarketMaker at Twitter --https://twitter.com/MS_MarketMaker
  3. You can also follow Mississippi MarketMaker Blog athttp://msmarketmaker.wordpress.com/
  4. Ask Siri or Cortana to find Mississippi MarketMaker on your smartphone.
  5. Watch the videos about MarketMaker at Mississippi MarketMaker @ MSU Extension Service and Mississippi MarketMaker @ Sea Grant Extension Program 

“This program is funded in part through grants provided through Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission, Oil Disaster Recovery Program under NOAA Fisheries grant award number NA10NMF4770481”.