Estimating the Economic Impacts of the National Food MarketMaker Program (NFMP)

Benedict Posadas, Ph.D.
Mississippi MarketMaker Program

Limited information is available about the economic impacts of the National Food MarketMaker Program. The results of this survey are important in seeking sponsors to help maintain the MarketMaker program in member states.

The IMPLAN software generates estimates for four types of economic impacts - employment, income, total value added, and output. The income, total value added, and output impacts are expressed in dollars for the year specified by the user. Employment impacts are expressed in terms of a mix of both full-time and part-time jobs.

Economic impacts are measured by estimating the sum of the direct, indirect, and induced expenditures associated with each new project or change in policy. Direct impacts express the economic impacts in the sector in which the expenditure was initially made.  Indirect impacts result from changes in economic activity of other industrial sectors which supply goods or services to the sector being evaluated. Induced impacts are the result of personal consumption expenditures by industry employees.

In order to measure the marginal sales impacts of the NFMP in the ith economic sector and jth member state (MSI-MMij), the computational procedure is suggested as follows:

MSI-MMij = IAS-MMij × Kij × Nij,                                                     Eqn. 1
IAS-MMij – average increase in annual gross sales due to NFMP in ith economic sector, jth member state and year t,
Kij – sales multiplier in ith economic sector and jth member state, and  
Nij.- number of establishments registered in ith economic sector and jth member state.  

Data will be collected using a short online survey of food businesses registered in the NFMP member states. The online survey will be deployed in The owners/operators will be asked at least seven questions about their food businesses and their perceptions about the NFMP. The online survey will take about five minutes or less to complete. Before they start the online survey, they will be asked to review their business profile at

In Mississippi, the request to participate in the online survey will be sent to all the MarketMaker businesses who have email addresses. The Letter of Recruitment will be mailed to at least 500 randomly selected food businesses registered in NFMP in Mississippi. 

MarketMaker member states which are interested in participating in the survey can disseminate the Letter of Recruitment to the registered businesses in their states. Please send an email to, if you are interested in participating in the online survey.

Go to the link to the Letter of Recruitment for the

“This program is funded in part through grants provided through Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission, Oil Disaster Recovery Program under NOAA Fisheries grant award number NA10NMF4770481”.